My Polish Kitchen Blog Launch and First Polish Pop Up!

Last week we celebrated the the launch of my new little blog and venture – My Polish Kitchen – at a pop-up at the Poggenphol Kitchen in St Albans together with Mokoko Cocktails and Tomoka Spirits. The tickets sold out in half and day and all the plates, shot glasses and martini glasses were left empty!… Read More →

My Favourite Polish Cookery Books

I adore cookery books and I’m an avid collector. I’m pleased to see that my collection of Polish cookery books is growing as interest grows in Eastern European cuisine. I recently reviewed From a Polish Country House Kitchen for The Foodie Bugle, and attended the launch party at The Polish Embassy in London, which I’ll… Read More →

Polish Cookery Books

How To Make Pierogi

Being Polish and having an insatiable love of pierogi go hand in hand. For me they conjure up images of a big family table, my Mama cooking endless batches, dishing up little pockets of dough, similar to ravioli, filled with potato and cheese or foraged mushrooms, coated in warm butter and caramelized onions and sometimes, słonina, a kind of oozingly melty type… Read More →


Recipe: Mama’s Bigos – Hunter’s Stew

I’d like to promise that this blog won’t be all about cabbage! Polish food is so much more than that, yet it would be wrong not to pay homage to Poland’s national dish – Bigos, or Hunter’s Stew. There are probably as many individual recipes for Bigos as there are cooks in Poland. Bigos is… Read More →


Recipe: Blueberry Pierogi

Pierogi are one of the most well-known, traditional Polish dishes and can be found around the world. They are small dumplings, also known as Pierożki, similar to Italian ravioli or Asian dumplings or gyoza. If you live in, or have ever visited America, particularly New York or Chicago, you might also find them sold as street-food, as you would… Read More →

Blueberry Pierogi